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PTS Delivery Tracking Track your prescriptions from the dispensary to the point of delivery.

As you know, TMS Insight's Prescription Tracking System allows you to track and monitor the prescription lifecycle within your dispensary. Now, you can continue to live monitor the delivery process after it is collected by the porter or delivery driver using the PTS Delivery Tracking App.

Features include:

  • Live collection data
  • Live delivery data
  • Error trapping - it is impossible to deliver a prescription to the wrong ward
  • Recipient Signatures - you can require a signature on delivery of controlled drugs or home deliveries
  • Satellite Navigation for home or off-site deliveries using Google Maps
  • Porter/Driver can record notes back to the PTS system either via free-text or pre-defined barcodes
The PTS Delivery Tracking app is out now on Android and the iOS B2B store.

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