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A look at our various logos over the years In 1970 Telford Management Services was formed in Telford, Shropshire in the UK.

Originally involved with the supply of contract work study engineers, just over 30 years ago the owner of TMS realised that there must be a better way of carrying out work study projects than the current method of using a stop watch, clipboard and pen. He looked at the possibility of using portable electronic hardware along with some of the first personal computers to streamline this task; his work then led to the introduction of our first Electronic Data Capture application - Tel-TIME.

Since then we have evolved and developed a wide range of applications for the 21st century, with our Prescription Tracking System and ICE (Inventory Cleaning Evaluation) systems in use at over 120 NHS hospitals and our Clarity data capture application in use around the world.

Back in 1999 four of TMS's senior management team carried out a friendly management buyout of the company (the owner was looking forward to retirement), and in 2004 the growing organisation demerged into a separate Training and Consultancy company and today's incarnation of the IT division: TMS Insight Data Capture Limited.

No industry is as dynamic as the IT industry and TMS Insight has gone from strength to strength in the last 30 years, perhaps demonstrating a strong understanding of our field and the incredible passion we have for the work we do. We are immensely proud of our IT heritage in the UK and all of our contributions to it, large and small; and while our products today may not much resemble their MS-DOS based ancestors, the desire to create world class IT products has been a constant throughout our history.

Presently TMS Insight Data Capture have offices in Worcester and in Dudley, West Midlands, both in England in the UK.

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