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Introducing ICE: Inventory Cleaning Evaluation, TMS Insight's inspection scheduling and management software.

ICE is an easy to use management tool for scheduling and conducting site inspections.

Using its intuitively compiled database of your rooms and their items, ICE automatically schedules inspections via an on-screen calendar (which can be pushed to Microsoft Outlook via iCal) and wirelessly synchronises this inspection data to a portable device such as a PDA or smartphone.

Using this device the inspection is conducted and the results streamed to the ICE system for reporting and analysis.

Key features include:

Automatically schedules inspections to an onscreen calendar and your Microsoft Outlook calendar Smartphone app Inspections conducted with dedicated PDA or Smartphone app
Analyses recorded data and presents it in beautiful yet practical reports On screen alerts when a fault is recorded during an inspection
Cost effective Automatically calculates the financial cost of cleaning each room NHS logo Developed in partnership with the National Health Service