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The Falsified Medicines Directive programme is indefinitely postponed in the UK. We'd like to thank all of our customers for their support over the past few years! We will let you know if the situation changes in the coming months.

FMD Solutions by TMSi
Background application No keyboard entry required
Definable user roles Search functionality
Supports multiple users Captures actual medicinal profile from DM&D
Powerful, unobtrusive and cost effective. Introducing FMD, finally done right.

From £350 per dispensary, per annum.

TMS Insight’s FMD Solution has been developed in conjunction with the NHS.

Whether you hold a WDA licence or you’re a small community pharmacy, our software offers a cost effective and simple-to-use solution that will fulfil your needs.

FMD Solutions by TMSi DC runs in the background on your PC or laptop via dedicated comms software. Unlike other FMD apps, this allows the PC to be used uninterrupted for any other purposes while staff are verifying, dispensing and so on.

One PC and many staff? Not a problem! Our dedicated comms software allows multiple users to be connected at the same time, all working at separate stages of FMD.

No keyboard interaction is required during the FMD process, and our barcode scanners aren't simply wireless keyboards in disguise. Users log on to the system, perform their FMD updates and checks all via barcode scanning without interrupting use of the PC.

On-screen prompts confirm the status of the medicine in real time, and with user definable roles you have total control over what your staff can do. For example, you could configure only certain staff to be able to dispense whilst others can verify, destroy and so on.

And what’s more the web based interface - built upon the infrastructure security of the Microsoft Azure platform - allows customers to review, monitor and search for all medicines they have processed. Manual data entry is even possible through our bundled FMD web application.