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Tracey Whitelock
30 APR 2024 09:28:55

Do any other users supply to any other units outside of their Trust under an SLA, for example hospices or SPT please?
Christyan Slater
14 MAY 2024 15:32:02

We do in EKHUFT. How can we help?
Tracey Whitelock
16 MAY 2024 10:40:30

Thank you Christyan, do you use PTS as a way of confirming delivery to outside units? Both with the drivers and the recipients?
Christyan Slater
16 MAY 2024 11:25:11

In a fashion we do, we have the delivery app and we have a generic user for the driver and we treat them like a porter so they scan saying they are accepting the package for delivery and then the Hospice has a QR code behind the desk, so when they deliver they scan the QR code as delivered. Hope that helps.
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