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"TMS Insight’s primary objective is to free our clients from procedural restraints and inefficiencies resultant from poorly designed systems – this we achieve by providing creative IT solutions"
Andrew Haywood
Managing Director

Clarity is a data capture solution which can record the date, time and duration of specific activities through the use of barcode readers, PC and smartphone apps.

Designed for activity analysis and activity based costing, Clarity is used the world over to provide vital performance and efficiency data to management teams everywhere. From the US to Tokyo and from London to Singapore, countless organisations are using Clarity's invaluable data capture potential to cut costs and save money right now.

Yet that's not all. Clarity is completely flexible and the very same software has been adapted by our users to conduct surveys, product QA inspections and security patrols. Its revolutionary design means it can cope with literally any data capture task, and what's more it can take on any number of projects simultaneously.

Clarity is an ASP.NET web based application, which means that users can capture data anywhere in the world with a barcode reader, mobile phone, internet connected PC or PDA and share their results instantly. And with its comprehensive reporting and data analysis capabilities the data is presented in amazing detail and, well, Clarity!

Clarity can be used alongside its sister product Screen-TIME which allows users to record data at a PC with a simple and unobtrusive application.