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Andrew Haywood
03 SEP 2010 15:19:35


We have a potential customer for PTS that is looking to use it within their Aseptic section but would like to talk to another hospital using it in this way.

If you could let me know if your pharmacy uses it in aseptics please let me know and, if its ok with you, I'll pass your details on to them.

Many Thanks

Anthony Johnson
23 SEP 2010 10:25:37

We at Royal Derby are not, however we have had discussion to use in aseptics to track the delivery of controlled drug items to patient in community.
So to capture such data as checking, bag serial number, taxi book number, taxi driver ID.
Will keep you posted on this, should be decide to take forward.

Andrew Haywood [mod]
23 SEP 2010 12:16:00

I look forward to hearing from you

14 DEC 2010 13:31:00

This thread was moved on 14/12/2010 13:31:00.
Chris Hunt
25 FEB 2014 14:02:28

Hi all, wanted to resurrect this thread and ask if anyone has successfully implemented the tracker into their aseptics department?

We are looking to roll it out and would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has.

Many thanks


Marc Haywood [mod]
24 OCT 2014 14:19:39

Any more of you guys using PTS in aseptics? We've got another customer who wants to talk to a department using it like this but we still don't have that data.

Chris, did you guys ever get round to this?
Chris Hunt
05 NOV 2014 17:01:32

We are just in the process of setting up and testing. We think we're getting somewhere, chemotherapy and multiple products per patient are the challenge.

We'd love to hear from others either using or attempting to implement.

michelle hitchen
25 FEB 2015 14:40:49


How did you get on with multiple products please as I am at that stage now? Any advice would be very appreciated.

Chris Hunt
31 MAR 2015 11:40:13

Hi Michelle,

We're still very much trialling at the moment but booking worksheets into the tracker as opposed to prescriptions like we do in the dispensaries, it's not a perfect solution but the best we can come up with. I'd be interested to hear how you're getting on though.


Jayne Stenton
30 MAR 2016 11:27:07

Has anyone got any updates on this subject please?
Peter Morgan
30 SEP 2016 14:11:20

We're currently introducing it.
-As Chris is we are booking in worksheets on the day of production.
-Adding the drug it is as a note.
-Added a step for items that are on hold.

We are considering looking to use it as a scheduling system in aseptic services also, has anyone looked into this? We are currently having issues with clogging up the work list, items 'going red' and are looking for other ways to enter information other than as a note. Has anyone got any ideas?
05 JUL 2018 09:58:26


We are using tracking in aseptics at the Royal Cornwall Hospital but do not work in that area so not sure what they are doing exactly. You are welcome to get in touch with me and I can find out what you need.

Daniel O'Toole

Karen Neeves
25 APR 2019 12:03:43

Hi all

I know this is very old thread.

Did anyone manage to implement the tracker system successfully in the aseptic department.

Many thanks

Jane T
21 MAY 2019 13:11:04

Post deleted on 21/05/2019 13:11:55 by Jane T.
Abigail Mounter
06 OCT 2022 16:11:12

Hi all,

We have rolled out the new tracking system in our pharmacy and are looking at how we can use it in Aseptics. Did anyone successfully roll it out in their aseptic departments? How do you use it? Any information would be appreciated - thank you
Marc [mod]
06 OCT 2022 16:46:36

Hi Abigail,

We've actually recently put together a quick guide on the wiki regarding the way we envision PTS being used in Aseptics:


Let me know if it's any good for you.
Abigail Mounter
07 OCT 2022 10:24:57

That's very useful thank you
Deborah Neeson
01 MAR 2023 15:48:19

I'm interesting in seeing how PTS works in an aseptic unit but the link to the quick guide doesn't seem to be working for me. Can you help?
Marc [mod]
02 MAR 2023 09:08:13

Hi Deborah,

That link will only work once you're logged in. If you try it again now I'm sure it should work for you, if not let me know!
Deborah Neeson
02 MAR 2023 09:56:03

Thanks Marc. It's working now. I will have a look at this. Thanks!
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