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A short case study courtesy of Western Sussex Hospitals

PTS was introduced into Western Sussex Hospitals way back in 2008.

Following the initial installation and familiarisation period Worthing were soon using the majority of the facilities offered by the application and making the most of what PTS can offer.

The objectives for the PTS project were to improve the dispensing times for prescriptions, therefore improving the patient experience and ultimately the potential for better bed management, in addition to offering much more effective communication to medical staff relating to a prescriptions progress.

To achieve this they wanted a system that would be easy to use and maintain and they opted for TMS Insight's Prescription Tracking System.

Teresa Leach, Dispensary Manager said "Since the implementation of PTS we have seen a noticeable reduction in nurse phone calls progressing prescriptions, and our script dispensing times have reduced significantly. Turnaround time has fallen by at least 25%, with TTO dispensing times down by almost 50%!"