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Anthony Johnson
09 NOV 2010 12:30:03

We will be piloting the use of pts in our ward services soon.
We are looking at using scanners to record the processes.
Tethered scanners are not really an option if scanning large ward boxes.
Is there a cheaper alternative to the RF scanner advertised on the website?
We are not in a position to invest in a all "bells and whistles" scanner just at the moment,
we need to test process using scanner vs using keystroke input during pilot and then draw conclusion.

Many thanks
Marc Haywood [mod]
09 NOV 2010 14:35:53

There are screenless versions of the Powerscan scanners that are somewhat cheaper, however these are neither tested or supported because the screen was considered fairly important for PTS (the screenless tethered scanners are acceptable because by their nature they'll be used near a PC). You are free to try them out though if you care to, there is no obvious reason why they shouldn't work.
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