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Anthony Johnson
19 JUL 2010 11:09:40


In our ward service areas we already have scanners installed on our pc's for
use with input of orders on JAC system
These scanners are Honeywell Adaptus 3800g.
Can these be used with the pts software?

Many thanks
Anthony Johnson
19 JUL 2010 11:10:16

oops spelling error "existing"
Marc Haywood
21 JUL 2010 16:49:40

The only scanners we officially support are the ones listed on our website. Additionally even these scanners are only covered by support when purchased from TMS. However that being said if you are happy with these terms you may test your scanner with PTS by all means; if it has a USB-COM mode then it does have every chance of working.

Be sure to share your experiences!
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