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10 OCT 2016 09:27:52


Anyone using the SMS service to alert their patients when their prescription is ready? Do you find it useful, easy to work with?

Jayshree Velani
10 OCT 2016 10:28:17

Hi Dan,

We do use SMS service here at Ealing Hospital. It is really easy to use provided the passwords are changed and kept up to date.

14 OCT 2016 16:32:10


Thanks for the response. Can I ask briefly how you work practically. Do you enter the patients number on the booking in screen at reception? I am guessing the system sends a text when you have completed your scanning processes.

Also you your ward staff use it to get notifications of hospital discharge prescriptions? Do you then need to enter a phone number for each ward when you book in the prescriptions?

Just trying to get my head around how it would work.


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