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Andrea Thomas
05 APR 2016 15:07:54

Currently the wards can see via the pc, the name and status of their patient's prescriptions but is it possible for the status to be displayed at ward level without a patient name and just a reference number, like you can for outpatient prescriptions on external displays?

We need the ward to be able to see the same as they currently do on their pc but for the patient's in our Discharge Lounge to see the progress of their discharges via a display screen but not the name to maintain confidentiality.

Marc [mod]
06 APR 2016 10:55:11

Hi Andrea,

You can focus the collection status screen to a specific ward by using a special URL. The format is:


Change DIS to the dispensary code in Lookups > Dispensaries, OUT to the prescription type code you want to show, and the TESTs to the username and password of the ward you want to display.

Note that even though you are specifying a username and password in the URL, you still have to be logged in to PTS itself first as a security precaution. You should also bear in mind that you need to be logged in with at least pharmacy user level privileges; ward users don't normally have the rights to open this screen.

Hope that makes sense, let me know if you have any questions.
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