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Jayne Stenton
30 MAR 2016 12:00:22

We currently do not use the Dispensary Status overview screen display, or the waiting room display screen functions. We are thinking about how we can expand to incorporate this but I would like to know more about how it works.

What kind of screen would we need to display these? Would it be better to have a TV or a monitor? Presumably it wouldn't matter too much as long as it had the required input.

Would it require a separate PC to be connected to each to display the information (i.e. not one which is also being used for dispensing etc)?

Marc [mod]
30 MAR 2016 16:58:39

Hi Jayne,

The only major difference between a TV and a computer monitor these days is that a TV would have built in speakers, meaning that if you could plug the TV into your computer via HDMI you could get the whole thing done with one cable which is convenient for the patient-facing Collection Status screen as it plays audio messages. Failing that you'd use either a VGA or DVI connection plus a 3.5mm audio cable for the sound. For the dispensary status screen sound isn't an issue so just use whatever video connection you like.

If your PC has two monitor outputs then yes it can support both the big screen and your normal monitor at the same time. If it has just the one your IT department may be able to upgrade or replace it but failing that, you would have to assign a PC exclusively for powering the screen.

Your IT department can help you decide what works best for your situation.
Karen Neeves
10 JUN 2016 08:43:36

We have Two internal tv screens. We find TV screens really really helpful in prioritising our work. they are also much bigger generally .I am happy to upload pictures if that helps

Ian Bird
10 JUN 2016 09:35:22

We have two screens in our main dispensary showing internal TTO's on one and a priority list for deliveries on the other, this is used by the porters when collecting.

In our out-patients pharmacy we have the screen displaying prescription information; it is also used as calling system when prescriptions are ready. I am happy to upload pictures if needed too.
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