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Heather Fowler
05 JAN 2016 09:44:48

Hi all

I am scoping the use of the TMS Insight system to track homecare prescriptions, is anyone out ther currently using the system in this way? If so, what timescale did it take to set up on an existing system?

Many thanks

East Surrey Hospital
Rod Beard
05 JAN 2016 10:54:40

Hi Heather

I am interested in this also. I have been looking at the Coveris Smartsafe bags and wondered if these and the PTS system app can be combined into a system for us to use

City Hospitals Sunderland
Marc [mod]
06 JAN 2016 15:36:49

Hi guys, I'm pleased to report that we currently have a working proof-of-concept for delivering prescriptions to the home using the up and coming PTS Android app. What's more, as it stands we are likely to get this working with PTS 4 which means you may have this in your hands sooner rather than later, PTS 5 still being some way off.

Hope that's the news you were waiting for, feel free to post any questions you might have!

Stephen Drake [mod]
15 JAN 2016 13:34:55

Heather, Thanks for speaking with me the other day, I think we miss understood you when you were talking about 'homecare' we assumed you wanted to track the delivery part of the prescription off site.

if you want to start tracking your homecare prescriptions through pts as normal you can do this by adding a different prescription type. ie 'homecare' if you need assistance setting this up drop support a ticket request.


TMS insight
Stephen Booth
05 FEB 2016 10:45:56

Hi All,

At our Trust we already use PTS and I have been interested in using it for our Pharmacy Homecare Department for sometime. Basically we want other directorates to log in to their own section of PTS and see what prescriptions we have processed in pharmacy and when we have posted it to the Homecare providers. When we have set up each direcorate we have done it so you can input multiple patients when you book them in. Booking in is the only process we want and each entry autocompletes at 0 minutes. We are not creating labels. The problem occurs when we log in as a directorate and try and search by hospital number because it brings up no results? Why is this? Is this something to do with the 'multiple patients' option? It will however search by name and seems to be fine in this respect. Hope I explained that correctly and if anyone can help me out please post.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

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Marc [mod]
05 FEB 2016 16:05:52

Hi Steve,

99% of the time this is caused by the automatic dispensary filter not matching the dispensary the prescriptions are being booked in to. Try turning off the dispensary filter if it's active and see if that helps.
Stephen Booth
09 FEB 2016 08:42:42

Hi Marc,
Thank you for your reply.
Can you instruct me where to turn this off and the implications of doing this? Happy to receive email outside of forum if need be - although it may useful for others interested in setting up Homecare on PTS.
Marc [mod]
09 FEB 2016 10:02:24

Searching by hospital number will automatically take you to the search/reports screen and do a search for that hospital number. If you're anything less than a system administrator, the logged-in user's dispensary will also be chosen as a filter automatically on the right hand side. If this dispensary doesn't match the dispensary the prescription was booked in to, you won't see anything.

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08 JUL 2016 16:52:24

We are having a go at setting this up today at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. I have set up a new Homecare dispensary with related activities and prescription types to track quantities and the stage they are at with a couple of staff members who have access. We have new a waiting for Blueteq approval suspension reason.

We are keeping it simple just to track quantities and when they have been processed but not tracking any deliveries.

Lisa Hudson
11 JUL 2016 09:23:31


At East Kent we have set Homecare up as an additional dispensary like Dan has. Thank you for sharing your idea of the suspension reason.

Marc [mod]
18 JUL 2016 10:30:39

Hi guys,

Just for the record the newer versions of PTS 4 now handle home care deliveries natively. When you update, PTS now automatically installs a homecare/home delivery "dispensary" as well as an appropriate prescription type and adds the new ability to specify a delivery address for a prescription. This separates home care deliveries into their own category on the new PTS Delivery smartphone app and allows the delivery driver to create a route to the destination using GPS.

If you're interested you can find the store listing for the app on Google Play here:

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