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Stephen Drake
04 NOV 2015 16:54:36

With Christmas just around the corner I'm already looking for places to host our 2016 user group, Disneyland is my firm favorite however I'm not sure we'd get the attendees?

Have you been to a great venue lately, great transport links, nice central location? Then let me know. Over the next few months I'll be shortlisting venues and then putting it to the vote and letting you decide where the event is held, after all this is an event for the users!

Jeff Miller
05 NOV 2015 13:33:15


I can suggest the St Pancras Renaissance London hotel - I attended a user group meeting there a few months ago and it was very nice. It's basically right in St Pancras station so transport links were great, and it's very central.

Jeff Miller - Kings
David Smith
05 NOV 2015 14:21:25

"it's very central" - if you live in London..........and £170 return train ticket (for any decent times) :)

Stephen Drake [mod]
05 NOV 2015 15:11:50

Renaissance looks lovely, this would however limit almost everyone to public transport. or £50 valet parking. And for our users who come a little further afield hotel prices range from £260+ (looking at October 2016)

Thanks for the suggestion! keep them coming.
Marc [mod]
05 NOV 2015 16:04:48

£50? I'll park cars for £50! St. Pancras it is ;)
Annette Guler
05 NOV 2015 16:42:14

The Tower Hotel, London Bridge is a super conference venue right on the Thames with car parking £20 per 24 hour period.
Stuart Madden
05 NOV 2015 16:50:31

thinking out of the box here:
Alton towers :)

or Birmingham central Library

David Smith
05 NOV 2015 16:58:15

North of Watford - are you mad????? Pass the acetazolamide........
Paul Thornley
05 NOV 2015 17:23:36

Well, if you're looking for something central, how about Derby? It's about the furthest point away from the sea in Britain!
(Not that I'm suggesting Derby just because it would be convenient for me.) ;)
I once attended an event at http://roundhouse-events.co.uk/index.php
Nice venue, nice food and located near the train station (0.7 miles away)

Otherwise, my vote's for Disneyland...as long as expenses are paid!

Ian Reading
06 NOV 2015 07:59:25

There is a venue I have attended a few times in Birmingham, minutes away from the Grand Central Train Station (Old New Street Station), link to their website is;

Ian Reading
Mark Rainer
09 NOV 2015 10:23:37

How about the Village Hotel in Walsall , right next to the M6 or Bank's Stadium, Walsall , again right next to the M6. Bank's Stadium has a train station 2 minute walk from it, with a train stopping there from Birmingham New Street.
Kevin Norwood
09 NOV 2015 12:18:42

Depends where your customers are coming from. If people have to fly then London is the most connected.

Went to a conference in the Oasis Suite at Crowne Plaza Hotel next to the NEC Birmingham. Good train and reasonable airport links, thoroughly recommend this venue.

A colleague recommended the International Centre in Telford, but I guess most people travelling by train would go through Birmingham to get there.

Outside of the box, but have to drive, as Stuart has said Alton Towers was also a good venue.

I still vote for Disney. Florida preferred.

Stephen Drake [mod]
13 NOV 2015 11:36:08

Kevin Norwood said:

Depends where your customers are coming from. If people have to fly then London is the most connected.

I still vote for Disney. Florida preferred.


We have people come from all across the UK and Ireland, we know we will never please everyone and location is always a factor for people and I'm sure has a influence on whether people attend or not.

There have been some very good suggestions, Birmingham is looking favorable at the moment. however this will be put to the vote. Although it seems Disney is winning ;)


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Jayne Stenton
30 MAR 2016 11:17:09

Birmingham would get my vote. There are a number of conference venues right in the centre near to the train stations, so should be reasonably easy to get to from most areas of the country.
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