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Chris Gale
26 MAR 2015 16:17:21


We had 2 Honeywell Voyager 1202g cordless single-line laser bar code scanners installed last week on the dispensary pc that is used to screen our Electronic Discharge Summaries (EDS) by the pharmacists.

We've had issues this week with the scanners appearing to read the barcodes but then the information is not reaching the PTS screen. Initially we assumed staff were not scanning correctly but then noticed last night the problem is when EDS pc is in use - the scanned bar code is putting itself into the EDS boxes where the pharmacists are trying to type text. This is causing problems with the EDS locking up and not being able to finish the discharge process as swiftly and the PTS not recording the data where it should.

What do I do? Currently I have taken the 2 barcode scanners away from the pc.


Marc Haywood [mod]
27 MAR 2015 09:28:33

Hi Andrea, I'm guessing Chris left his account logged in on your PC :) could you do me a favour and log him out and log in with your own account?

Anyway it sounds like your Voyager scanners are in the wrong mode for some reason, they shouldn't be sending the barcodes as plain text. Can you go to the downloads and updates section and grab a copy of the Setup sheet for Voyager scanners and follow the instructions? They should start to work then.
Andrea Thomas
27 MAR 2015 10:18:14

Thanks Marc

I thought that's what Chris had done - Explains why I struggled to register yesterday - he's logged out now and I am registered. One of my team is a lot more IT savvy and he unplugged the scanners, replugged them in and rebooted the pc yesterday. All good so far with correct messages coming up.
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