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Reshma Gandecha
14 APR 2014 15:00:44

Hi there,

We are looking to set up PDA devices for porters to obtain a signature when on the wards.

We have 2 MC55 Motorola devices.

Ideally we are looking to set up these devices so that when the porters deliver medicines on the ward – a proof of delivery by way of electronic signature is obtained.

We would ideally like support team to guide us and test the process before go live to ensure it is all working fine.

If anyone has implemented the above - please can you share your experience of this, thanks

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Chris Hunt
01 MAY 2014 15:57:10

Hi Reshma,

We have this set up at Leeds as do a few other hospitals. What I will say is we are a little complicated as we have 8 PDA's running from one dispensary which causes us a few problems but on a whole the system works really well.

The electronic signature is the important bit and I would suggest from the beginning you ask members of staff to print their name as opposed to signing as it's practically impossible to get a name from a signature, but the proof of delivery has been invaluable to us on several occasions already.

Our main dispensary has 7 delivery guys though and sometimes they overlap with deliveries to the same ward (this is as much our set up problem as the system though) and if not scanned correctly we can end up with signatures for items that have not actually been delivered yet. This is rare event though.

Hope that helps a little but If you have any specific questions, give me a shout.


Lisa Hudson
22 MAY 2014 12:34:23


We are looking to purchase this for my hospital and wonder who in the south east/west is using it.

Many thanks.

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