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Chris Hunt
19 DEC 2013 09:24:14


Looking through your online store I see you now have the Smart badges for sale. Can I ask if these have been integrated into the PTS system and if so in what way? Could these be used as replacements for the PDA's in capturing signatures?
Marc Haywood [mod]
19 DEC 2013 12:51:46

A PTS application is indeed in the early stages of development for this device, I'll see if I can get our technical director to let you know where things are at and what it will be able to do etc. but for now we are just selling the device as a standalone piece of kit. We're very pleased with the reaction to these devices so far so I wouldn't be surprised if we end up doing a lot with them in the future.
Chris Hunt
19 DEC 2013 13:26:39

They do look and sound great and Leeds would defiantly be interested in them, we can see a lot of potential for them in our hospitals and warehouse. If we can help in the develpoment in anyway please let us know.
Chris Gale [mod]
20 DEC 2013 09:19:18

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your interest in the SB1's. We will be starting development on software for these devices early in the new year - initially with software that replicates the functionality of the software on the PDA's. Thanks for the offer of help with development - once we have something that is ready to test we'll be in touch!

We'd also be interested to hear of any non-PTS uses within the hospital that you can think of; we are always on the look-out for new products!


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