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Corinne Atkins
10 AUG 2013 13:36:55

i was wonder if anyone could give me some advice / feedback on creating a new barcode to enable suspension for a period of time. We currently have 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 4hr, 24hr, 1 week - but it would be really hand to have a 3 day one - for prescription needing to wait until after the weekend.
is this something i can just add? i noticed all the others are not available for editing....
Marc Haywood [mod]
12 AUG 2013 11:01:55

Have your IT department run the following script on the pharmacydb database to make a three day suspend barcode available:

INSERT INTO tblSuspendmins (Suspend, SuspendDesc) VALUES (72, 'Suspend for 72 Hours')

You can probably already see how to create more barcodes by adapting this script; the first figure (72) is the suspend time in hours and the second field ('Suspend for 72 Hours') is a description which ends up as the 'name' of the barcode. Once the script has been executed on the database the new barcode becomes available for printing from the lookup table.
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