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Agnieszka Kret
03 JUN 2013 16:55:50

Hello All, I've just had a request from Dispensary Manager if they can report on the notes that are added on PTS against prescription. This would be mainly to record and report on interventions in one of the dispensaries. A quick glance at the list of available reports did not bring up the thing I was looking for (I might have missed it though!) so I'm hoping for your help and ideas. Any help very much appreciated! Kind regards, Agnieszka.
Marc Haywood [mod]
04 JUN 2013 11:43:36

Unfortunately there is not any report that will list all the notes that have been recorded. The notes field always contains a block of text (including system text) and a report returning all of this would be very messy. What you can do is utilise the 'notes contain' filter if you've maintained a set format for your intervention notes?
Agnieszka Kret
04 JUN 2013 13:04:58

Hello Marc,Thank you very much for your reply! I guess if people stick to a certain format in recording interventions, the 'notes contain' filter should work just fine.
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