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Ant Johnson
12 MAR 2013 16:24:19

Although we are not really using the feature for a ward to view their own work; For a single ward I can create a desktop icon with (EG)
The ward associated with 047 can auto log in and see their work on PTS,

Is it possible for a particular area to view a group of wards?
The scenerio for us: our "Discharge Lounge" see a list of wards within one icon and not giving them icons for each ward they require?

Many thanks
Marc Haywood [mod]
12 MAR 2013 16:45:31

Hello, the best thing to do would be to add all the required wards to the discharge lounge, then that single account will be able to view all those wards while remaining an external user. Then, you could create a shortcut in the usual way with the discharge lounge's credentials.
Ant Johnson
13 MAR 2013 09:45:51

Thanks Marc.

Do you mean, set the Discharge Lounge up as a dispensary?
Its is set up as a "Ward" currently,
Ant Johnson
13 MAR 2013 10:02:58

Hi marc.
Infact, I think the solution will simply allow pharmacy users to Move to Discharge Lounge
Marc Haywood [mod]
13 MAR 2013 14:01:56

No, sorry, I meant with the Discharge Lounge set up as a ward it should have a corresponding 'ward/external user' i.e. the account this ward can log in with. What you can do with the ward user account is add more 'ward permissions' to it so anyone who logs in with this account can also see ward x, ward y, ward z etc.

With that in place you could then just create a shortcut as normal: http://ServerName/ptsweb/frmDefault.aspx?DisplayType=External&User=dischargeloungeuser&Password=dischargeloungepassword.

Of course, do whatever works best for you though!
Ant Johnson
13 MAR 2013 16:12:04

Thanks Marc.
If a ward was created but didnt have the "create associated user" ticked.
Can we retrospectively create a user?
Marc Haywood [mod]
14 MAR 2013 11:15:32

Yes, if you create a new external user and make the ID the same as the ward ID and the name the same as the ward name then they should become associated.
17 MAY 2013 22:44:36

Our set up allows discharge lounge to view and transfer any patients from wards to the discharge lounge. We keep the discharge lounge page open on reception in the dispensary and when they transfer it pops up on that screen. The receptionist then finds the TTO and marks it to go to discharge lounge.

Works really well but you need to train discharge lounge to do this first. A simple guide also helps. Also our lounge opens and closes often so now we don't need to worry about finding that out as if patients start moving we know its open.
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