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22 FEB 2013 20:04:51


Has any other hospitals out there managed to use the e-prescribing function on the tracking system to identify when an electronic TTO has been completed on the wards?
Marc Haywood [mod]
27 FEB 2013 16:56:28

Hi, I know you were looking for a response from another hospital so sorry for jumping across but I wonder if you're a bit confused about the various terms here. As far as PTS goes e-Prescribing takes place at the very start of the process and you wouldn't normally "use e-Prescribing" for any kind of tracking past that point.

What you'd normally do is use e-Prescribing to book a prescription in to PTS and then use PTS to track the prescription as normal. The wards would then be able to log in and see the prescriptions progress just like any other prescription type.
17 MAY 2013 22:35:20


Sorry, my query is not very well explained. When I say 'completed' I am referring to the doctors completing / writing the electronic prescription. At this point we would like the tracking system to recognise the TTO has been set to complete / written and a prompt is sent to tracking to say this is ready for us to start working on it.

I know some sort of script needs to be written to catch the message from the prescribing system and send it to the e-prescribing module in tracking. Then the patient /TTO can be booked in using this information whilst providing the prompt that the TTO is ready for pharmacy to start working on.

Hope this makes sense. Any info or thoughts would be appreciated by anyone.
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