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Samantha Thibeault
21 FEB 2023 13:28:59


I have tried setting up a few different user views that all staff to see any prescriptions that have a pending status, however even though i have referred to a user view that does display these i cannot get any other user views to display any prescriptions with the status pending. I'm stuck as to where i have gone wrong. Would anyone have any advice on where i need to troubleshoot this so i can get these other user views working

Many Thanks

Chris Gale [mod]
21 FEB 2023 14:02:52

Hi Sam,

Can I just check if you are using any other filters on these User Views? When a new User View is created, a 'Started' filter usually gets added automatically. If you want to show Pending Status Prescriptions you'll need to remove this filter and use 'Requested' to limit the date range of Prescriptions returned. Pending Prescriptions have not been started so won't have a start time & will be excluded if the started filter is kept.

Hope that made sense!


Samantha Thibeault
21 FEB 2023 15:52:06

That's great thank you - that was exactly the problem i hadn't removed the started filter, i have added an additional filter set without the started filter and pending status - all seems to be working now

Thank you so much for your help

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