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Samantha Thibeault
11 NOV 2022 13:38:38

Does anyone use PTS as a way to monitor Resus boxes going to wards and being returned to pharmacy - including the expiry dates?

Many Thanks
Nick Read
25 NOV 2022 15:28:11

Hi Samantha,

I have been trialing this over the last few days. Setup each box as prescription type and set an extended period of time (expiry date) against the target del time with record collection and delivery to YES and 0 in the No. patients within the Booking -in options. Only one "booking in" scanning sequence is needed so each time you book a new box it will flow directly into Waiting for collection as a user view and sit there until the target del time is reached and start to display the RAG status.

I hope this helps! Nick.

Samantha Thibeault
20 DEC 2022 16:21:47

Sorry for the not replying sooner

Thank you for these ideas we will trial this and see what the rest of the team think

Many Thanks

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