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Sakshi Gupta
15 JAN 2020 14:02:19


We are a mental health Trust and are implementing a Prescription Tracker system. We want to test this with the pharmacy and ward staff to ensure that the system works the way we want. I was wondering if anyone has created a test script for this system that can used for testing?

Thank you,
Suraj More
12 MAR 2020 11:07:47

Post deleted on 12/03/2020 11:08:23 by Suraj More.
Suraj More
12 MAR 2020 11:07:56

Post deleted on 12/03/2020 11:08:33 by Suraj More.
Suraj More
12 MAR 2020 11:08:00

Hello Sakshi,

What are the functions you are looking for to be covered in test script?

Sakshi Gupta
15 MAY 2020 12:26:26

Hi Suraj

Thank you for the reply. Would be useful if the test script covered almost all functionality of the system if it is to be tested by a pharmacist. This will ensure that we have thoroughly tested the system.

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