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Stephen Drake
17 AUG 2017 11:15:53

We are considering the development of a new APP that records the administration of prescriptions to a patient. However, we would like your feedback.

We envisage that it will be possible on the ward to record the delivery of a prescription to a patient via the scan of the patient’s ID on their wristband / notes and scanning the PTS prescription ID. Alternatively, delivery can be recorded by scanning the patients barcode and the EAN barcodes on the individual drugs. If the prescription and / or drugs are not for the patient the system will warn the user – and record the fact that an error was almost made. As with the rest of PTS these transactions will be date and time stamped and the user administering the drugs will be recorded.
The APP will be Android or iOS and used on Smart Phones.

Our question is simple, is this a useful facility for the latest version of PTS5? We have had a couple of enquiries suggesting it may be.

Saghir Hussain
17 AUG 2017 14:13:39

Most areas are pushing towards Electronic Prescribing to hold the functionality of scanning of product barcode and Patient barcode before drug administration - so can’t see a great use for it in inpatient setting.
In a out-patient setting - current app can be used to obtain signatures of patient collecting their prescription.
24 AUG 2017 17:05:58

Current tracking V5 possibilities for us (TTA):

1. Dr completes TTA on EPMA.
2. HL7 feed from EPMA to PTS when a prescription is written containing EAN/GTIN information. 2D barcode containing prescribed drugs EAN/GTIN.
3. Rx accepted and ‘booked in’ by pharmacy via PTS list of completed TTA’s.
4. Rx tracked around pharmacy processes (use PTS for errors?).
5. Pharmacy stock control (PSC) updates PTS via HL7 EAN/GTIN codes of issued TTA items (Items tracked from pharmacy to patient TTA)
6. PTS completed in pharmacy (PTS now knows what EAN/GTIN drugs were prescribed and what were dispensed. All contained in one patient 2D barcode on front of bag.
7. TTA scanned into pharmacy porter bag for collection. (PTS bag barcode produced for wards. Scanning updated to identify which bag the TTA is in).
8. PTS knows what TTA is in what bag EAN/GTIN tracked.
9. Porter scans area to be delivered. (PTS updated to say TTA on route).
10. Delivery app required on mobile device - Porter scans bag onto ward when delivered (PTS updates to say TTA on ward).
11. Delivery app required on mobile device - Nurse scans self, TTA and patient wristband (PTS checks Pt barcode against TTA and warns is no match). If OK PTS updates TTA (EAN/GTIN) delivered to patient. Also which nurse was in charge of checking TTA meds during discharge process.

Data captured:

Time TTA written and which drugs.
Time pharmacy accepted TTA.
Pharmacy processing time.
Drugs issued via pharmacy stock control.
Error data.
Waiting for delivery time.
Porter delivery time to ward.
Waiting for nurse discharge process.
Time meds given to patient and by which nurse.

We would also find tracking one-stop/non-stock supplies in a similar way useful. If you could receive EPMA message into tracking, receive stock control issues for the one stop and track the checking and delivery process we could capture scan4safety data up to the patient too.

Future processes may include RFID tracking and paperless pharmacy so will need to include this in any future developments. Also stock control system could be used to update tracking on pharmacy processes instead of scanning in pharmacy (EG PSC updates PTS when drugs electronically clinically checked, issued and final checked).

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