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21 NOV 2016 10:09:46


Just wondering how the delivery app development is going? I can see its available on android but we are confined to iOS mobile devices as many of the trusts are. We are very interested in testing when its available.

Question for any android users: Can it be used off line (when signing for deliveries off site)? Does it then store the data on the device and catch up when you return to base?

Marc [mod]
21 NOV 2016 10:23:33


We're currently aiming to release the iOS app to live testing towards the end of this month, with general release on track for the end of 2016 or very early 2017.

And yes I can confirm that the app is designed to be used offline, the device simply syncs when it can. I should point out that while this allows for off site deliveries with no data connection, the Sat Nav aspect will obviously not work without a 3G/4G connection.
21 NOV 2016 14:19:33


Thanks for the reply. Thats great news, I will keep a look out for the release.

Marc [mod]
29 NOV 2016 11:41:21

Good news iOS users, the PTS Delivery app for iOS now has a release date and you don't have too long to wait. We're currently on track to release the app on the 15th of December.

Note that unlike our other apps this one is what's known as a B2B app (business to business) and therefore it will not appear on the on the public app store. The way it works is that your Trust can sign up by sending us their "VPP Apple ID" which is a Trust-wide identifier that Apple uses. We will then register this ID for you which will grant your IT department permission to purchase the app from the specialised B2B store.

If this sounds a bit complicated... well frankly it is, but if your Trust is currently supporting iOS devices and deploying iOS apps then they should be familiar with how it all works.

Feel free to post your questions or comments in this thread, or if you would like more information on how to sign up for the app you can reach us here: http://tmsinsight.com/ContactUs.aspx
Marc [mod]
09 DEC 2016 10:17:58

We're now taking sign-ups for the iOS version of the PTS Delivery app. Whether you are looking to jump right in on release day or are thinking of making the move at some point in the future, you can sign up now and there will be no obligation to purchase until you are good and ready.

As above, to sign up we simply need to register your organisation's VPP Apple ID. This is simply a number that Apple uses to identify your Trust - if you are already using iOS apps in your hospital then you are almost certainly set up with one already. All we do is register your ID against the app, and from that point on your Trust will be entitled to purchase and install the app from the B2B app store.

While this might sound like an unusual procedure if you're used to iOS as a consumer, it is the standard way of purchasing iOS apps as a business. Again if your Trust are already deploying iOS devices then they will be familiar with this procedure.

To register your VPP Apple ID, either raise a support ticket or contact us here: http://tmsinsight.com/ContactUs.aspx

We look forward to hearing from you all!
Marc [mod]
13 DEC 2016 17:17:06

Hi everybody,

We've been absolutely floored by the response to the iOS version of the app, and because we've found ourselves answering the same questions a few times I thought I'd update this thread.

Feel free to post any follow up questions in here. We really appreciate all of the emails but feel free to chat with us in here so the conversation can help inform others. We don't bite!

Right. Now that we're a bit more familiar with the process I can explain a bit more about the B2B procedure. I maintain that most IT departments who roll out iOS devices will be familiar with this process but since a lot of you have had questions about it I thought I'd share what we know.

Your VPP Apple ID is an Apple ID that represents your entire company or Trust. It is just an email address that has been enrolled in the VPP program (you can enroll here by the way: http://www.apple.com/business/vpp/). If you are interested in purchasing the PTS Delivery app simply share your VPP Apple ID with us and we will register it. Once we've done that, your company will see the app listed in the specialised B2B app store and can purchase it and roll it out to as many devices as is necessary.

Enrolling in the Apple VPP program is free I understand, and registering your VPP Apple ID with us is free. You will only be charged when you decide to purchase the app from the app store.

For the record, the Android procedure is completely different so don't assume that any of this applies to any other platform.

The price of the app is £299.99 per device for a lifetime license.

Hope this has been helpful. Again by all means post any questions, comments or discussion in here.
28 SEP 2017 12:31:34


We are interested in giving the delivery app a go so was wondering if any iOS users have any feedback now it has been available for a while?

Also there seems to be two quotes on the price of a licence so can this be confirmed?


Stephen Drake [mod]
29 SEP 2017 11:36:34

Hi Dan,

The licence cost vary slightly for Apple and Android, I believe there's a £20 difference, however you shouldn't be getting two different prices for the same application? The price for the iOS application is £349.99 - this is ONLY available from our B2B store, this price includes VAT.

Please let me know if you have any other questions relating to the purchase of the app or if you require an official quotation please drop me an email. stephen.drake@tmsinsight.com

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