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Item: Prescription Tracking System
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Prescription Tracking System

TMS Insight's Prescription Tracking System offers an efficient means to track prescriptions throughout the dispensing process with the use of barcodes. Intuitive and easy to use, PTS provides live pharmacy performance data as well as the status and location of each prescription.

Prescription Tracking System has been fully embraced by the NHS and is now used to track prescriptions in over 120 NHS hospitals from Stornoway to the Isle of Wight where it is considered truly vital management software. Currently more than 60,000 prescriptions per day are tracked by PTS, and the figure is growing!

So how does it work? PTS automatically prints a prescription barcode when a prescription is booked in, and this barcode is used in conjunction with 'activity' barcodes such as Clinical Check, Label Production, Dispense and Final Check to record exactly what stage the prescription is at - and to ensure no stages are missed.

PTS uses this live information to display the current status of each prescription to pharmacy staff, ward staff and patients alike with support for large "Argos-like" LCD screens in the waiting area, and the data as a whole can be used by managers to create absolutely invaluable reports.

TMS Insight use the very latest web technologies such as ASP.NET, SQL, MVC and jQuery to deliver scalable networked software, meaning that big or small our Prescription Tracking System is right for your hospital.

For more information see the Prescription Tracking System page.

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