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The combination of close collaboration with industry and commercial users and TMS Insight’s innovative approach to IT solutions resulted in the development of Clarity, the latest incarnation of our popular Insight 20/20 data capture application.

Using barcode readers (and supplied barcodes), smartphone apps or PC software Clarity makes data capture simple.

System Objectives
  • Offer a simple, precise, yet virtually overhead free means of activity analysis.
  • Use modern technologies to allow the data to be accessible anywhere in the world.
  • Allow data capture in a variety of ways; via PC, barcode scanner or smart phone app.
  • Support several data capture projects and project types at once.
  • Offer a user friendly, intuitive interface; familiar to anybody used to browsing the web.
  • Include comprehensive reporting and data filtering capabilities.

How has Clarity been utilised around the world?

Clarity, like its predecessor Insight 20/20 Pro, is designed to be totally flexible. Clarity can be utilised for a myriad of different purposes, far too many to even conceive of listing them here, and what's more it allows an infinite number of such projects to be run simultaneously at absolutely no extra cost.

Here are a few of the most notable ways the Clarity system has been employed over the years:
  • Quality control of a well known multinational bathroom product.
  • Machine downtime calculation at the distillery of a world famous scotch whiskey.
  • Activity analysis for the entire legal department of a global mobile phone network.
  • Inmate processing and room inspection at a UK young offenders institute.
  • Council property condition monitoring for an entire London borough.
If you have a data capture task, you can be confident TMS Insight and our Clarity system can tackle it.