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Pete Taylor
04 SEP 2013 16:31:54

Just finished a setup of a system using ETP and JAC
system layout is pharmacist Pc with Barcode scanner and printer
BNackup printer on another pc
on pharmacist pc it takes 17 seconds to print a label the same PC can print to the backup labeller instantly
The backup PC can print to it's local printer but not to the printer attached to the Pharmicist's PC
The printers are set up identically and on the webserver used to render the EPT system
but looking at the printer setups the server does not handle the printing any way
anyone have any ideas what teh problem could be?
Marc Haywood [mod]
05 SEP 2013 09:27:19

There is an advanced setting in the printer drivers called 'bi-directional printing' which means the printer client and the web server maintain some sort of communication throughout the print job. This is quite slow on some networks and isn't particularly useful so you should make sure it is turned off.

You'll notice the same exact setting is duplicated server-side where the connection to the share is saved so make sure you turn both off.
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