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14 DEC 2021 09:39:57

TMSi have investigated the log4j vulnerability and concluded that as of 14/12/2021, PTS and our other software solutions are unaffected. This includes our iOS and Android apps.

Feel free to ask any questions here as the situation develops.
Rohan Neve
14 DEC 2021 11:19:13

Hi Team,

Thanks for this open forum , can you give some background of this Apache Log4j Security issue ?

is PTS using Apache server ?

what is and how read this Log4j ?

Any impact on PTS Application ?

is this any kind of Bug or warning ?

what steps organisation took to prevent those issue ?

Marc [mod]
15 DEC 2021 10:06:44

1. No PTS doesn't use Apache
2. We don't use log4j and never have
3. No
4. N/A
5. Continuing not to use Apache and log4j!
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