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Marc [mod]
29 NOV 2019 12:24:54

Welcome to our new FMD Solutions forum category! Feel free to discuss the product here.
Arti Punn
23 DEC 2019 15:13:24


On using the system, we keep getting this message back following scanning products:
"command will be processed when back online" and we have no indication if the messages/commands are being communicated back to SecurMed or not.

The box has a green thumbs up next to it, indicated the scanners are connected and the system states it is connected at the bottom of display box.

Any ideas?

Marc [mod]
23 DEC 2019 15:24:05

Hi Arti,

Look at your FMD homepage:

"The request was successfully sent to the NMVS but there was no response. If this happens consistently it more than likely indicates a problem with the SecurMed credentials supplied by your administrator."

This means that the NMVS is rejecting the credentials and/or certificate you supplied in Edit Dispensaries, and/or the wrong SecurMed User ID was entered when you first installed the comms software.

In short, you need to go to the Edit Dispensaries page (as a system administrator) and confirm:

1. Client Login ID – nearly always “HOSPUK”
2. User ID
3. Password
4. Certificate File – try re-uploading it if you’re not sure whether it’s the correct file
5. Certificate Passphrase

Please note that you cannot use the default password SecurMed send you in the letter of introduction. This has to be changed before you can use it; the NMVS will block any FMD requests using the original password as it’s only to be used for the initial log in.

If you’re not sure whether the SecurMed User ID was entered correctly in the comms software, you may have to re-install the application and ensure it is entered properly.
Marc [mod]
23 DEC 2019 15:29:53

I believe you can test your SecurMed credentials here, though you will have to have the certificate installed on the PC (something which is not normally a requirement of our FMD software):

Arti Punn
31 DEC 2019 16:08:12

Hi Marc,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
I followed the steps you listed from 1 through to 5 - and all those details have been input correctly.
I did note the message on the FMD homepage today also.
I have tried to open the portal NMVS link you have attached but the trust system lists it as a forbidden site. So I have forwarded this on to IT to see if they can test the securmed credentials on my behalf.
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