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That's right, we're giving you the opportunity to try out the full version of Clarity right here from our website totally free of charge. When we say Clarity can handle almost any data capture task we really mean it, and we're so confident in it's flexibility that we're going to let you loose on it.

If you have arrived here not too sure what Clarity is or what it can do, please feel free to check out this information on our website first: To gain access to the demo you will first need a tmsinsight.com account, if you don't have one yet you can register one now free of charge. You will then be able to log in to the demo with your email address as the username and "guest" as the password (without quotation marks).

 Launch the demo!

Want to discuss Clarity or have any questions about your experience with the demo? Post in the Clarity forum category here!

Please note that the demo is limited to 4 'levels' of data capture. For advanced users the full version will allow unlimited levels of data capture at no extra cost.