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Lee Craven
21 SEP 2017 09:19:47

hi all,
we are wanting to set up PTS in our chemotherapy aseptic department and I would love to hear from anyone already using it in an aseptic environment.
I foresee a few issues and wondered how people have resolved them. the main ones being-

1)scanners inside the unit- I was wondering if the scanners themselves can be sprayed with Meths while inside the unit. Presumably with them not being a sealed unit and having live batteries/charging terminals, they can't be sprayed completely. however they do work when scanning through clear bags and wondered if this was a feasible option for inside the unit?
2)what processes people scan at?- we have lots of potential processes that we could scan at, but having so many would bring about lots of potential for a scan to be missed and therefore mean we weren't getting accurate results.

if anyone has any ideas I would be extremely grateful.
many thanks
Lee Craven
Deputy Dispensary manager
Sheffield teaching hospitals
Marc [mod]
22 SEP 2017 11:44:27

Hi Lee,

For what it's worth I'd like to point out that the Gryphon GD4130-HC scanner is designed to be sterilisable (is that a word?) and sounds perfect for your needs.

From the product blurb:
"Additionally, healthcare environments have requirements that scanners need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected using harsh cleaning solutions. Datalogic ADC’s Gryphon HC product series is specifically developed for healthcare applications with Disinfectant-Ready enclosures treated with anti-microbial additives designed to withstand daily cleaning with disinfectant solutions."
Lee Craven
22 SEP 2017 13:28:47

hi Marc,
that sounds like a viable option. do you by any chance have a data sheet/specifications brochure we could have a look at. We will have to check the products suitability for an aseptic unit in terms of sterilising and the products we use.
I have tried to download one from the company website but am unable to register at the moment.
26 SEP 2017 08:03:53

Hi Lee,

We haven't yet implemented into Aseptics, but I have a process in plan to be started soon.
The process I was thinking was that a barcode could be created when you create your worksheet, then scanned as "sprayed in", then scanned as "ready for inspection" once it has come back out of the clean room, thus removing the need for scanners to be in the clean room at all.
I think tracking the time inside the clean room / isolator is sufficient, as operators have enough equipment to manage already in there and I suspect that even the most robust scanners would not like being cleaned with alcohol on a daily basis. As we know, anything with rubber seals on tends to degrade over time with repeated cleaning.
I think it will be good enough to have a scanner in the support room only.
However, you don't necessarily have to scan at all if your support room staff are using a computer anyway, they could just click on the tracker manually to set the next stage instead of scanning. Just a thought.

Jayne, Worcestershire Acute
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